Provide Commerce (PRVD) talks about online marketing (quotes from the conf call)

Provide Commerce (ticker: PRVD) has some interesting things to say about online marketing on its conference call:

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Provide Commerce has stellar repeat customer rate, trades up after earnings

Provide Commerce (ticker: PRVD) was one of the few e-commerce stocks that traded up immediately after announcing Q4 earnings. Here's a quick overview of the company, and the key points from PRVD's results and guidance:

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Business Week picks small cap Net stocks

Business Week's Timothy Mullaney picks "second tier" Internet stocks in an article titled Finding Value on the Net.  His key argument: in the wake of eBay's earnings miss and stock fall, "retail investors can hedge bets on the Big Four [eBay, Amazon, Google and Yahoo] by buying smaller Net companies whose stocks are much more reasonably priced". Here are his picks:

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