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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Forrester likes Ask Jeeves/Bloglines combination

So Forrester's Charlene Li likes Ask Jeeves' acquisition of Bloglines. Her reasons (excerpts in her words):

  • Ask gets one of the top RSS aggregators in the market – a coup for a company that is often characterized as an also-ran.
  • Ask also gets access to a large database of archived blogs and feeds, which will help its overall search efforts.
  • Ask Jeeves also gets blogging software, which on the surface doesn’t sound that important, but could be an interesting source for content in the future.
  • Bloglines gets freedom, funding, and resources.

John Battelle also likes the deal. He says:

Bloglines is growing like a weed, has tons of users, and more interestingly, tons of data about what those users read. Those profiles might make for some serious endemic advertising plays down the road.

I'm less sure. The RSS aggregator market is too immature to declare a winner, particularly since RSS will soon appear in Internet Explorer, Safari, and services from Google and MSN. The Blogging software market is more mature and harder to break into, and it's hard to see how Ask Jeeves could compete with Google's Blogger, Six Apart's Movable Type and TypePad, and new services from MSN and Yahoo. And the value of being able to search archived blog posts is highly dependent on the value of those posts, which is arguably low if they are mainly news-related.

Question: Ask Jeeves just launched the Ask Jeeves Blog using TypePad. Will it move to Bloglines now?

Charlene's full post is here.

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