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Friday, January 21, 2005

Skype threatens instant messaging providers TWX, YHOO, MSFT

Instant messenging and voice-over-IP are converging. AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple already offer voice-chat capabilities for their instant messengers. But that means that the instant messaging providers face an aggressive new competitor: Skype. Here's a report that Skype just displaced AOL in a major instant messaging deal:

According to Pacific Epoch:

AOL's instant messaging subsidiary ICQ is looking for a partner in mainland China, reports Sina. According to ICQ vice president and general manager Orey Gilliam, ICQ has six million registered users and 500,000 active users in China, but active users in 2008 could reach 14 million with the help of a Chinese partner. ICQ had plans to partner with Tom Online, but last month Tom Online instead picked Skype, dropping ICQ from its plans.

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I don't think so. Too many people on AIM already, makes for the whole network effect ala Ebay. All it takes is for AOL to provide voice chat connectivity to POTS and Skype is dead in the water. We use AIM and not MSN or Yahoo because everyone we know that we do business with uses AIM and so on, and so on..

Posted by: Abbi Vakil | January 21, 2005 09:30 PM

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